Boing Boings Instructions


  1. Tie a loop the size of a dime on each end of a 2m(6′) length of rubber line and place a loop over the top posts of each Boing Boing.
  2. Wrap the line around the posts for storage.


  1. Lay and level one brick or block at each end of your wall up to approximately 3m(10′).
  2. For tensioning, you will need to unwrap about half your walls length of rubber line.
  3. Place one Boing Boing on one of your ‘lead’ units with the line coming off the top post and running under the front tab and carefully stretch the line out and place the other Boing Boing on the opposite end ‘lead’ with the line coming off of the top posts and running under the front tab.  Your line should now be sitting in line with your arises of your leads.
  4. You can now start laying your course.  No need to build a lead.

Always remember to wear safety glasses and PPE when using this tool.